​700,000 Experience Outline at Lagos Gospel Concert

For the fourth year running, Cytech World Communication provided an Outline sound system for The Experience, a Gospel concert organised by The House on the Rock Church. Production and control services were supplied by Subfrantic Production Services, and was held in Lagos’ Tafawa-Balewa Square.

The Experience FOH audio set-up comprised 30 GTO C-12 line-source systems plus two underhung GTO-DF modules, while 16 DBS 18-2, eight Subtech 218 and four LAB 21 HS subwoofers.

18 more GTO C-12 elements were selected to provide the necessary coverage width for audience areas near the side of the stage, and 32 Butterfly systems were fielded as delay units. Eight DVS 12 enclosures filled in the nearfield, and two Doppias combined with four Subtech 218 handled sidefill. The whole system was powered by Outline T-Series amplifiers.

The audio team used Outline’s Openarray-3D acoustical prediction software to guide the installation of the sound system, which had the task of covering the entire Tafawa-Balewa Square – 280x200m – bounded by tiered seating 20m high and 30m deep running its full length.