3dB Goes Bigger and Brighter With Epson 15K Laser Projectors

Photo Courtesy of 3dB

Dubai-based rental and event production company 3dB has invested in 15K L1000 Series Pro laser projectors from Epson. The company is no stranger to Epson’s products, having used a variety of the manufacturer’s projectors over the last 10 years. The new purchases are the first of several intended to take 3db’s total 15K laser inventory to 10 as it replaces its older equipment.

“A lot of events now want LED screens as it seems to be the flavour of the month,” commented 3dB Managing Director, Eddie Mulrainey.

“We tend to favour projection as we believe that the resolution is a lot better, especially now with the laser projectors available, the image we get is far superior. LED screens certainly have their place, but indoors for projection mapping and widescreen edge blend and stuff like that, it’s projection all the way. A lot of the work that we do is corporate, so projection is involved nine times out of 10.”

Having demoed Epson’s 12K laser projector approximately a year ago, 3db liked the unit but decided to wait until the launch of the brighter, 15,000 lumens model. The company has now purchased two 15K models from NMK. With another two on the way in the near future, Mulrainey predicts a full inventory of 10 by the end of the year.

“When we bought the 15K one thing that blew us away was, when we fired it up against the wall with all of the workshop lights on, it was still crystal clear, super bright; we knew in that instance that this can go against any kind LED screen of that size, we were really impressed. The footprint that it takes up is so small and it’s super easy to rig.”

“We’ve been doing most of the widescreen blends with the new equipment and it’s blown even Epson’s older stuff that we have out of the water. It also has a very friendly user interface, specifically things like the corner correction,’ added 3db head of video, Tom Evans. “Finally, the fact that the lenses are backwards-compatible means we can use all the lenses that we’ve already got for our 7Ks and 10Ks. That’s already helped us out.”

“We have a good relationship with NMK and have been doing business with them for the past 15 years. They went above and beyond; the user experience dealing with NMK is always great,’ concluded Mulrainey. “Epson support is also fantastic. Their knowledge of the product and of the local industry is great and they’re always willing to have a conversation.”