CT Increases Video Inventory

The company invests in a selection of INFiLED, Absen, Unilumin and ROE Visual products.

Creative Technology (CT) has made a significant investment in indoor, outdoor, and LED floor products. According to the company, the investment will “ensure we have the latest event technology available to cater for our client’s diverse range of spectacular events across the Middle East region.”

To meet its outdoor event demand, CT has invested further in INFiLED ART 4.6mm, and added Absen PL3.9W Lite to its inventory. The INFiLED product is equipped with lightweight carbon fibre touring frames and die-cast wind bracing ladders to reduce setup time onsite and withstands harsh outdoor weather conditions, while the Absen product offers a higher pixel density and an IP65 outdoor rating.

For indoor events, CT has invested in Unilumin UslimII – a 1000-nit 2.6mm LED product that the company will utilise mainly for the corporate market.

The company has also added ROE Visual BM5i floor to its creative LED products. Each panel is IP65 rated and fitted with 100 optical sensors, delivering tracking data to media servers to trigger generative content in real-time.

Finally, CT has also added a large fleet SES 400A Smart Power Distribution Units and TSL Intelligent rackmount PDUs to ensure full control and monitoring of power systems onsite. The company has uplifted its LED processing capabilities by 120 million pixels with the addition of NovaStar H9 series processors and Bright Logic touch controllers for its interactive LED floor.