Cytech’s Experience Leads to Expanded Rental Stock

Considered the largest music event in Africa, “The Experience” interdenominational gospel concert, convened and hosted by Pastor Paul Adefarasin, as well as drawing a 700,000 crowd to its last (December 2018) edition in Lagos’s Tafawa-Balewa Square, was also streamed live on the “House on The Rock” YouTube channel to viewers around the world.

The high-profile cast of performers was ensured optimum coverage at the huge venue by the impressive Outline PA fielded by Cytech, featuring GTO, GTO C-12 and Butterfly line array systems, LAB 21 infra-subs, DBS 18-2 and Subtech 218 sub-bass enclosures, DVS and Doppia point-source systems, with H.A.R.D. 212 wedge monitors for the artistes.

Outline’s Openarray-3D acoustic prediction software was used to plan the installation of the sound system that covered the 200 by 280-meter square, bounded by tiered seating 20 metres high and 30 metres deep running the full length of its long sides.

Cytech World Communication owner and managing director Cyril Utomoibor is particularly proud of the impressive project, and, following the record-breaking gathering, stated “As a Nigerian, it has always been a very important event for me, and the fact that they confirmed our company for the sixth consecutive year means we did our job extremely well. Once again, Outline’s loudspeakers simply outperformed all the others used at previous editions. I’m really looking forward to investing more in their products and technologies.”

True to his word, in February 2019, in order to meet the requirements of increasingly demanding projects, Mr Utomoibor again confirmed his company’s commitment to Outline products, by further expanding its stock of the Brescia audio manufacturer’s systems.

“Our activity is constantly expanding, not only thanks to our team’s passion for the profession, providing creative turnkey solutions tailor-made to meet the needs of key clients in the event and show industry and bring their projects to life, but also to the quality of the equipment we provide. To ensure excellent performance, hardware such as the Outline sound systems are fielded at key concerts, festivals, corporate events, shows and tours, and much more, such as the huge record-breaking Lagos event.”

Lagos-based Cytech World Communication has in fact taken delivery of 24 Outline GTO line array systems, 16 DBS 18-2 sub-bass enclosures and 3 Newton 16+8 FPGA-based processing platform, as well as a series of X8 amplifiers.