dot2 for Lock, Stock & Barrel: “There is nothing average”

The Lock, Stock & Barrel in Dubai was inspired by the trend of casual, industrial and live music venues all over the world. Spread over two floors and with more than 800 sqm, it focusses on live music events and sports with two bars, a live music stage and 11 screens.


Lighting Designer Ben Rogers of ArchiLX worked alongside the interiors team from mid-2015 to be ready for opening in the first half of 2016. For lighting control he specified an MA Lighting dot2 XL-B console running an ArtNet based network driving all the show and architectural lighting in the venue.


Rogers explained his reason to vote for the dot2: “I have been programming MA consoles for the last nine years. The new software platform and industrial build of the dot2 provided a perfect product for this installations – combining the power and flexibility of the grandMA2 series in an intuitive, accessible and compact form.”


“We needed a robust control solution to handle a wide variety of fixture types – including the architectural light sources – as well as to deal with the venue’s weekly schedule, which transitions between an after work hang-out to live music venue, a kicking club vibe or a first class sports bar,” said Rogers. “I wanted an adaptable network based solution with easy programming and expandable control. Although we have over 80 automated fixtures and 800 plus LED pixels there is still space on the console for future expansion.”


Asked about his design ideas Rogers explained: “The venue’s design is very theatrical with lots of industrial textures, real brick and reclaimed timber elements with an analogue feel, so the lighting design needed to enhance and reflect that. The fixture choices are primarily LED based but the intuitive control from the dot2 allows us to perfect the colour mixes and establish a warm inviting atmosphere that works with the natural tones of the construction materials and finishes.”


“Fixture choices included LED filament replacement lamps through to platinum series moving heads, all of which the dot2 handles with ease. We use moving head LED beam units as table lighting within the architectural package so lighting control across the whole system had to be dynamic and flexible. There are lights in every cove, corner and all across the 10 metres high ceiling which includes a feature wall made of 600 individually illuminated beer bottles.”


“The venue is a unique design conceived by the team at Solutions Leisure and designed and built by Broadway Interiors. There is nothing ‘average’ about this venue – guests generally enter for the first time and their jaw drops! It’s audacious and yet still unpretentious,” Rogers concluded.