dot2 Provides Artistic Flair for Woordfees

Gareth Chambers from DWR

MA Lighting dot2 consoles have played a huge role in a range of arts festivals in South Africa, and will be used in the upcoming Woordfees Festival in Stellenbosch.

“We have worked on KKNK, Aardklop, Hilton Arts Festival, Innibos and this year we’ll be at
Woordfees,” said Gareth Chambers from DWR Distribution, the official MA Lighting distributor in Africa. “The dot2 consoles are placed in various dramatic venues at the festivals and have proved to be exceptionally easy for volunteers to learn and programme. We often get feedback from the programmers, which without doubt, is always very positive.”

There have never been any issues in the venues where a dot2 has been utilised. “Many schools and churches have also made use of dot2,” Chambers added. “It remains one of our biggest sellers as it’s reliable and again, easy to use.”