Dubai Film Festival 2017

For years on end, the Dubai Film Festival has been working closely together with ShowTex Middle East to offer its numerous visitors the ultimate cinema experience.

The festival decided to replace the main movie screen with a brand-new FP SuperMat projection screen, perforated with microscopic holes for an excellent sound transparency. The large 9 by 19 metre PVC fabric was secured in an aluminium ShowTex Screen Frame and ensured the highest possible image quality for all spectators present.

But it did not stop there! The fascinating opening ceremony had ShowTex written all over it, as a 9 by 9 metre FP White projection screen was the base for striking video and 3D animations by JBM Productions. Together with a white DanceCarpet Double floor cover, the screen formed a 3D projection box in which a live performer could interact with the mapped content.

As there was a very short change-over time between the opening ceremony and the main event, an ultra-fast HiSpeed 8000 Roll-Up system made sure the temporary projection surface smoothly disappeared out of sight.

To keep all ambient light out, ShowTex installed various blackout curtains in the screening room and finished off the high-gain movie screen with black DekoMolton borders all around.

Video: Prisme International