DWR Becomes Sharp NEC Display Solutions Distributor

DWR's Robert Izzett and Sharp NEC Display Solutions' Jason Rall.

Sharp NEC Display Solutions has appointed DWR Distribution as its South African distributor.

“While NEC has a vast product range, DWR’s specialty will be the supply of NEC projectors ranging between 7,000k and 35,000k, to rental companies, houses of worship, theatres and auditoriums,” said Robert Izzett, Director and Head of Sales at DWR. “We’ve just sold our first 8k and 20k laser projectors to churches, and that’s exactly where we are aiming at.”

“We believe there is still good opportunity within the South African market for professional projection, and we were intent on finding a suitable partner with which to promote our world-class projection technology. After having met Rob and the DWR team, it was clear they are a group of keenly skilled people and an organistation with the necessary infrastructure and focus to help us develop our professional projector portfolio in South Africa,” said Jason Rall, Southern Africa Country Manager for Sharp NEC Display Solutions. “I am grateful to have met Rob and the DWR team through a mutual friend and colleague and am very excited and confident about the synergy created by our two businesses.”

NEC’s line of projectors consists of both multimedia projectors, providing crystal-clear images for large and small spaces, and digital cinema projectors, offering incredible clarity and detail with a trustworthy performance for theatres.

“It’s always about relationships, and we are very glad that our paths have crossed with Jason,” Izzett commented. “We are excited to run with this new product range.”