DWR Distribution Welcomes ArKaos To South Africa

Marco Hinic and Benjamin Bauwens of ArKaos recently visited DWR Distribution in South Africa to visit clients in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town and present training at DWR’s offices.

“Although we have worked remotely with DWR for a few years now, it was our first physical contact with South Africa,” said ArKaos founder Hinic. “I had a feeling that we were in for a nice surprise and indeed we were overwhelmed by the warm welcome and hand of friendship from everyone. I was thrilled I could take a day at the end of the trip to explore the beauty of Cape Town. All we can think of is now is when can we plan to come back!”

A days training was hosted in Johannesburg and presented by Benjamin Bauwens and HInic and both were encouraged by the good attendance.

“I took a group picture of everyone to bring back to our office and share with the team,” said Hinic. “Attendees were asked to install their laptops with MediaMaster ahead of time which worked out very well. Their success in doing this on their own beforehand is testament to how user friendly we’ve made the process. During trainings such as this one, we can validate our approach.”

This year sees ArKaos celebrate its 20th anniversary.