Expo City Dubai

Bild Studios turns Al Wasl Plaza into the world’s largest interactive installation for Expo City Dubai. Todd Staszko reports…

The gleaming focal point of the Expo 2020 Dubai site, Al Wasl Plaza became an instantly recognisable landmark during the six short months of Expo 2020 Dubai. The iconic domed trellis structure wowed Expo 2020 visitors with its fully integrated 360° immersive projection surface providing the canvas for some of the event’s most memorable shows. 

Back in 2019, Bild Studios was commissioned by Creative Technology Middle East and Expo 2020 Dubai to produce the creative content pipelines to bring the structure to life, using 252 Christie 40K lumen projectors, which cover a surface of over 25,000 sq m across a 27,000 by 6,000-pixel canvas.  

Having designed the content workflows that allow the entire interior of Al Wasl Plaza to be picture mapped with content, Bild has now turned the venue into the world’s biggest interactive installation for the opening of Expo 2020’s legacy project, Expo City Dubai. 

Users of a specifically designed tablet screen can manipulate the projected content in real time with the movement of a finger.

“The creative team at Expo 2020, headed up by Executive Creative Director Amna Abulhoul, had a vision with two main objectives in mind,” explained David Bajt, Co-Founder and Director of Bild Studios. 

Photos: Bild Studios