FLOW SOLUTIONS Invests in Green Technology

FLOW SOLUTIONS (part of GL Events Group in the Middle East) is continuing its investment into green technology, purchasing two hydrogen-powered generators, which were recently deployed at the Dubai World Tour Championship 2022 to power the 16th hospitality chalet at the event – marking the first time this technology has been used at a sporting event in the region.

“The deployment of the H2 sets at DPWTC was a great success,” said Jonathan Calvert – Managing Director, FLOW SOLUTIONS. “We provided the 16th hospitality structure which included the AC, lighting, kitchen and scoreboard via two synchronised hydrogen fuel cells that worked without any issues. As the product provides zero noise and are visually pleasing, the tour allowed them to be visible on course. It was great to see the interest they created and were a great discussion piece with the patrons.”

FLOW is continually looking to improve its green offering, from energy-saving HVAC equipment to the newest and cleanest power-producing equipment. “H2 is the only realistic alternative for large power when considering zero carbon emissions,” Calvert commented. “The investment into being the first to provide H2 to event site establishes FLOW/GL as a market leader in the pursuit of genuine and practical green energy.”

As well as more H2 generators, the company is also investing in 100 new generators that will take alternative fuels such as biofuel. “We also have solar and battery technology, which will be rolled in 2023,” he added. “The future is exciting. We are moving with the times and look forward to providing our technology on the Middle East events market in 2023.”