INFiLED GX Series is a range of small-dot-pitch, high-contrast LED display products. It adopts lightweight, waterproof, and dustproof designs, which can be used to create display solutions for indoor and outdoor concerts, large-scale conferences, leisure, and entertainment events.

Featuring a solid frame made of die-cast magnesium and aluminum alloys, this series of cabinets is hardwearing during transportation and installation. Available in two sizes – 500mm by 1,000mm and 500mm by 500mm – a concave or convex seamless 10° curve can be created between the cabinets, making it possible to create screens of various sizes.

At just 74mm thick, the GX Series screens look simple and elegant and can be stacked or suspended. The GX series features anti-glare panels and offers an ultra-wide viewing angle of 160°.

The GX Series is also equipped with independent protocol data units as well as modular power and signals. In case of failure, these individual components can be quickly removed for inspection and replacement. With support for front and rear maintenance, technicians can flexibly select maintenance methods according to the site and maintain the screen timely.