INFiLED opens new showroom and office in Dubai

INFiLED is opening its new showroom in Dubai, UAE, set to open in June 2023, further expanding the company’s presence across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The new Dubai showroom (Experience Center) will showcase the most innovative and state-of-the-art LED displays, offering customers the chance to experience the technology firsthand. With a focus on high-resolution and large format displays, INFiLED´s LED screens are perfect for indoor and outdoor corporate, control rooms, retail, xR and VP settings, also rental for event staging, and more.

The new space of 285 square meters is in Dubai Studio City, a strategic location that represents the vision of the company and serves as a working space for the Middle East Sales and Technical team, as well as a showroom with products for both fixed and rental installations.

“We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new showroom in Dubai” said Samer Otaibi, the VP Sales of INFiLED Middle East. “Due to the rapid growth of our business in the Middle East over the past few years, at INFiLED Middle East had to make the decision to expand our investment in the region. As part of this expansion, we are delighted to announce the opening of a new office that is almost triple the size of our previous one, including an Experience and Service Center. Our valuable customers can expect nothing but the best when it comes to LED displays from INFiLED. With our new showroom, we are excited to offer a firsthand experience of the latest and most high-tech display solutions that meet the highest standards of quality”.

INFiLED’s new showroom is part of the company’s continued expansion into the Middle East, following the success of its existing showrooms in Asia and Europe. The opening of the new showroom demonstrates INFiLED’s commitment to its customers and its vision of providing the best LED displays in the industry.

INFiLED created a unique Barcelona Experience Center concept that symbolizes the brand’s growth. Now, INFiLED extends this concept to Dubai first and then to various places worldwide. The new concept of the rollout is to create an immersive experience, offering possibilities for customers to test technologies, witness products performance, and inspire them by showing how our LED Displays can bring their projects to life.

INFiLED presents its XR and Virtual Production solutions in Barcelona and Dubai by integrating a complete studio set, powered by leading industry brands like disguise, Canon, ARRI, Ncam, Brompton, NovaStar, BrightSign, Navori , B Tech and more to create a first-rate technological ecosystem. The studio setup in the Barcelona and Dubai Showrooms are the first installation of a global rollout. Los Angeles, Shenzhen, Malaysia, and Tokyo will follow later this year.

It’s INFiLED’s goal to give customers the opportunity to experience a real-time demonstration of advanced filmmaking and broadcast possibilities and inspire them with the many creative possibilities this innovative technology offers. The experience of seeing products in real life offers clients the possibility to see, feel, and touch the product, and see how INFiLED’s solutions can bring their projects to life.