Introducing: That Dubai Agency

With clients including snowflake, The Dubai World Cup and Mcgettigan’s, That Dubai Agency has already begun to make its mark in the Middle East. TPMEA speaks to Founder and CEO Kirsty Campbell, who believes that female business leaders are proving they can be just as ‘hands-on’ as male counterparts.

It’s been quite the year for That Dubai Agency (TDA). Starting life as a social media community for women in the emirate – TDA’s forerunner, That Dubai Girl – the company is now an “end- to-end” agency that has already managed several high-profile projects for clients including The Dubai World Cup, McGettigan’s and technology unicorn, Snowflake.

According to Founder, Kirsty Campbell, an “efficient, stress-free service” is what has given TDA its edge over the past year in operation, with the evolving role of the project manager being particularly important to the company’s success. “In my experience, the project manager role has stereotypically been associated with being a taskmaster – the kind of character that some people may avoid unless absolutely necessary,” she explained. “However, I’ve learned that you need to build functional, reciprocal relationships with everyone. It’s very important to make yourself approachable and accessible, so that your team, partners, and clients all feel comfortable trusting you and knowing that you’re on their side.”