Robe at Afrikaans is Groot Shows

Photo: Duncan Riley

Part one of the 2016-17 multi-artist show Afrikaans is Groot was staged at Moreleta Park Church in Pretoria, South Africa, produced by Coleske Artists.

The lighting design was co-designed by Joshua Cutts of Visual Frontier and Chris Bolton of Keystone Productions. The rig included nearly 160 Robe moving lights, including the new Spiiders and Spikies, with the fixtures and technical support supplied by MGG.

Cutts and Bolton started with a multi-level set design created by Dewet Meyer, which was a combination of scenic and inflatable elements with a mix of LED video and projections.

24 Robe LEDWash 1200’s were dotted around the various trusses to provide a base wash across the wide stage and set, plus another 24 LEDWash 600’s concentrated on illuminating the audience.

36 Spikies were on the sides in front of the set balconies where they could create piercing back beam looks.

Along the front of the stage in the footlights position were 24 pixel-mapped Robe CycFX8s that were integrated into the stage-wide matrix of lighting and video that also included the Squares and 36 low res video panels.

The Robe picture was completed with four PATT 2013’s to fill the space and add shapes behind a set of moving LED doors upstage.

The fixtures were controlled and programmed via a grandMA2 console operated by Bolton for the run of shows.

The core team also included Creative Director Barry Pretorius and Technical Director Ian Vos.

Afrikaans is Groot will also play three shows in Cape Town in March.