Talal Albahiti, COO and Head of Talent Booking and Events, MDLBEAST

A cultural catalyst for Saudi youth, MDLBEAST is at the forefront of the Kingdom’s burgeoning entertainment industry.

From the outside looking in, many would assume that Saudi Arabia’s history of public entertainment events is a relatively short one, with the country’s General Entertainment Authority only established in 2016. However, behind closed doors, the scene has been thriving for far longer than that, with a youthful generation of creatives doing everything in their power to express their passion for music for the best part of two decades.

Talal Albahiti is very much part of that generation, and when the veil was lifted and live events were suddenly permitted in the country, he and the founders of MDLBEAST leapt to the challenge, positioning the company at the cutting edge of the rapidly expanding Saudi entertainment industry.

Here, the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Talent Booking and Events talks to TPMEA about the origins of the company, the importance of championing up-and-coming Saudi talent and what the future might hold for its wildly successful festival, Soundstorm.