Trust, Training and Being a Good Team Player

CasaMilan’s Stefano Milan discusses the importance of ‘The Three Ts’ in the region’s rapidly developing events industry.

It has been amazing to see how the whole industry has bounced back to full speed in the past couple of years. What makes me happiest is to see that the individuals and the companies who are thriving the most are the ones who managed to connect with partners and integrate their services. Better networking has created more growth in the industry than ever before – and trust has been a key factor of this revolution. 

One thing that makes our sector unique is that it has industrial budgets, but it is managed in an artisanal way. The human component and the relationship between client and supplier are most of the time valued way more than the huge capital at stake or technology used onsite. We are all here to deliver emotions and unforgettable experiences. This translates to a strong need for relationships to be based on trust. 

Everyone has learned so much over the past few years, with so many new skills and positive collaborations coming to the fore. Hybrid and virtual events are now fully understood, and they have gone from a ‘why not?’ to a ‘must have’ tool that contains costs and helps to reach multiple audiences. Since the pandemic, there’s been a major shift in the relationships between many in the industry. For example, there are plenty of companies who would have once considered us competitors but now are clients who are happy for us to come onboard a project and support them on taking their client on the journey. 

We at CasaMilan support and promote learning and as a result have done a lot of training over the past couple of years, as well as investing into equipment for hybrid and virtual events. For example, we spent many hours training to make sure that all our staff are Dante and Tricaster certified and have at least basic knowledge of NDI troubleshooting. In fact, we now claim to have the largest stock of Tricaster available for rental and the highest number of certified Tricaster technicians in the region. This has allowed us to deliver medium- and large-scale projects where the hybrid component required cost-effective and reliable solutions. 

Being a team player in the industry has never been more important than it is today. It’s about being flexible and having the ability to integrate different services and manage multiple skills in your delivery.

It’s also about being up to date with the latest technical knowledge to solve new challenges and knowing that the top priority is to support and integrate whatever a project is missing without getting involved in a conflict of interest.

That is exactly what CasaMilan stands for. We are a production house, a team of creatives and directors with technical knowledge, and our mission has always been to support brands, agencies, and AV partners from behind the scenes in delivering everything that goes on a stage. We can deliver an abundance of services – all you need to do is reach out and ask. 

Some clients have contacted us to deliver technical consultancy to create Virtual Studios or a Dante network, some wanted us to create the creative concept for a car launch, produce content for large-scale screens, or produce a fashion photoshoot, others just needed last-minute assistance onsite for Show callers, stage managers, keynote or autocue operators… 

Regardless of the level of assistance required, our goal is to support the event so our clients can focus on servicing their end clients even better.

Looking to the future, the importance of training cannot be underestimated. Not only does it enable individuals to learn new skills, but it also allows companies to manage competencies across the team. Technical knowledge concentrated in a few key people onsite is a concept of the past. I’m a strong believer that exchanging knowledge and best practices between us in the market can only be a good thing. 

Photo: CasaMilan