Ultra Events Champions Philips SL NITROs in the Boxing Ring

Philips SL NITROs - champion in the boxing ring.

Technical supplier Ultra Events supplied Philips SL NITRO 510 and Philips SL NITRO 510C fixtures to deliver a punching performance at a popular African boxing broadcast event.

Kings of the Castle, staged in Cape Town, was part of the Friday Fight Night series of broadcast boxing dates, staged in different African cities on the last Friday of every month. Ultra Events is the show’s regular technical supplier.

“We wanted to get away from the typical 24 fresnel or Par64 set up of the boxing ring,” explained Ultra Events owner, Costa Champanis. “After much deliberation, we decided on the SL Nitro 510, eight positioned to light the ring in white, with four SL Nitro 510C firing blue light into the audience of around 1200 people.”

“The lights worked perfectly, that’s the only way to describe it,” Costa commented. “The cameramen, the broadcast production manager and the live show producer were very happy with the colour temperature and the even spread of light. We have a balancing act between lighting the show for a live audience and lighting the show for broadcast. At this tournament, we had a third element, live online streaming.”

Built between 1666 and 1679, the Castle of Good Hope, also known as The Castle, is one of the oldest surviving building in South Africa and has been the centre of civilian, political and military life at the Cape from approximately 1679. A tourist attraction and heritage site, The Castle is possibly one of the best preserved 17th century DEIC architecture on the entire globe. Strict safety regulations, with an emphasis on protecting the building, must be adhered to.

“We have worked in The Castle many times, but it is tough,” Costa admitted. “You can’t drive trucks in, so it means we have to hand carry equipment from the parking lot into the venue.” Loadout, needless to say, is a challenge, and power cables have to be run, again, with safety and walking feet, in mind.

“The Ultra crew were amazing,” ended Costa. “Without them Ultra is nothing. It was another great event which we were proud to be part of.”