Unilumin Metasight, lighting up worldwide

Unilumin keeps developing new product series to cater to extensive market demands which are quickly changing and upgrading. In 2022 Unilumin launched multiple new products covering a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications such as professional scenarios, commercial scenarios, rental activities and sports events.

UGNII, an indoor HD rental display, is a creative highlight of Unilumin’s new series. Supported by a detachable lock design, UGNII can be easily assembled in a perfect cube shape with a specially-designed corner cabinet.

Including but not limited to cube & corner, UGNII is also configured with curve cabinets with concave and convex up to 75°, which can provide ideal curving for all desires. Meanwhile, through splicing with flexible rental products XS and XC series, UGNII-S/C is able to extend its creative shape category, giving a stunning presentation of a cylinder and delivering a flexible artistic effect to build a brilliant and unique rental event.

While being creative, UGNII is intended for high-definition, providing true-to-life content with its 16bit gray scale and 3840Hz refresh rate. The overall protection including automatic corner protection and power & signal redundancy safeguards its display with ultra-high stability.

Sufficient spot goods of UGNII-S/C together with UGMII and URMIII are in preparation now. Please stay tuned for more information and let us look forward to their outstanding performance in your projects.