Venuetech Partners with Cedar Electronics to Expand AV Solutions

Venuetech has partnered with Cedar Electronics, a manufacturer of Flip-Chip COB LED displays. This collaboration was highly anticipated with the continuous expansion of the Venuetech video division, as the clientele base and market have become more focused on quality visual representations.

With over 10 years of experience in Flip-Chip COB LED display R&D and manufacturing, Cedar electronics has become the world’s most prominent manufacturer of Flip-Chip COB displays. Dedicated to providing integrated solutions based on Flip-Chip COB LED display technology.

“We are glad to establish a strategic relationship with Venuetech in the Middle East market”, stated Cedar Electronics G.M. Wang Ruiguang. Talking about the collaboration, he added that Venuetech has a precise understanding of the market and a strong ability to support local customers, building on its rich experience and professional team.

Abdul Assafiri, COO of Venuetech added, “We are looking forward to a long term relationship and a step forward into offering new and out of the box video solutions. With the advent of the 5G era, the market urgently needs ultra-high-definition 4K and 8K large-size display applications as the development of LEDs to micro-pitch displays is an inevitable trend. It is very important to note that we will be displaying our new screens in both GITEX and CABSAT in a few days for the market to show the quality we are talking about”.