YES TECH’s New Product Delivers Creative Ideas

The MG7S Cube series is the newest addition to YES TECH’s best-selling MG series. MG series’ versatility and universality have created countless amazing stages. Through seamless splicing, the product offers vivid visuals and countless design possibilities. Featuring a revolutionary design, MG7S Cube series will redefine stage performance.

Combined with the patented connector, MG7S Cube improves the traditional screen of the MG7S series, and splicing with creative extension series, which can realize various shapes such as numbers, letters, creating a sense of space with a more diverse stage shape.

MG7S Cube cabinet has super tension, to meet the high scene applications. Adopting linear secondary adhesion process, the thrust of lamp beads is increased by 100%, which is three times of conventional products. Used as a dance floor, it can bear 3 tons car (actual measurement). If you want more interactive effects, adding inductive coil under the mask will work better.

Modular design, the disassembly and installation will be quicker. The internal is truly wireless, making the power transmission more secure and stable.

The protection level of MG7S Cube series can reach IP65. It is physically stable enough to withstand both low temperatures for the Beijing Winter Olympics and high temperatures for the Dubai World Expo. Furthermore, it has strong environmental adaptability and fully meets the needs of indoor and outdoor use.

YES TECH has provided professional display application services for Qatar World Cup, Beijing Olympic Winter Games, Dubai World Expo and other major events worldwide. In the following time,YES TECH will meet with you at ISLE 2023, ISA International Sign Expo 2023, National Association of Broadcasters Show 2023, Prolight + Sound 2023 to bring more excitement, please look forward to them!